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Corporate Party for kuehne + nagel

Sara Holland

With over 69,000 employees at more than 1,200 locations in over 100 countries, the Kuehne + Nagel Group is one of the world's leading logistics companies. 

K + N were in town for The TPM Conference, organized by the The Journal of Commerce taking place at the Long Beach Convention Center this past weekend. The conference covers areas like shippers and transportation providers showcasing how business problems are solved or cost savings are achieved. The convention attracts hundreds of companies every year.

In an effort to celebrate their clients and woo potential customers — K + N hosted nearly 300 guests at the Long Beach Renaissance Hotel for a festive Miami Nights themed party produced by At Your Door Events.

Photos by Kristina Lee Photography, Rentals: Stephanie's Linen, Floral: Romance Etc., Entertainment: Luxury Entertainment Group and LA Follies, Ice Sculpture: Millennium Ice, Live Cigar Roller: Cigar Bella

A PSA on First Looks

Sara Holland

What is a "First Look" in the first place?

It's the opportunity for the couple to take pictures and see each other before the ceremony.  Photographers prefer it, old school mom's, not so much! The tradition is that the couple see each other for the very first time as the bride walks down the aisle.  That, in itself is epic! And believe me, just because you see each other before the ceremony, does not automatically give the butterflies in your tummy an eviction notice! No matter what, the excitement builds as you're waiting to enter the ceremony, hand in hand with your parent. An imaginary fire work display happens in your chest as your eyes finds his.  Having a first look does not take away from this! I feel like it actually adds another degree of romance! 

OH GOSH! First Looks are so darn romantic!  They ooze LOVE!   It's staged as a private moment where the bride normally taps the grooms shoulders, he turns, and is amazed by her beauty. He gets a chance to whisper a few things in her ear, she giggles, they breath deeply, they embrace, and sometimes they cry. After all the embracing they take pictures for a bit and then join the rest of the group. There is very little opportunity for this romantic exchange to happen at the alter during the ceremony.

I notice that after the first look the nerves calm down! There is a glow in the bride's face and a kick in the groom's step. 

This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by wedding planners who still get teary for romantic moments.

I'm ON that! I'm OFF that! #1

Sara Holland

We all have our opinion! To be honest, it's our duty to be "social judgers". It's our responsibility to be critical of event trends and stuff! After all, you're hiring us for our taste and style! So in this new blog segment, we are going to try to keep things real! No fakery around here! 

I'm ON that:

  • Mixing Metals in your decor! YEASSS Please! Totally ok to use silver, gold, mercury, crystals, rose gold, etc! Go crazy! 
  • Engagement Tattoos in lieu of rings. That's pretty gangster' if you ask me!
  • Pies in lieu of traditional wedding cakes! (make it as "easy as punkin' pie) 
  • Cocktail Reception before the ceremony begins (Hey, it assures no one will be late when you walk up the aisle)  
  • Hashtags for guest to use. Smart trend I say! 
  • Your own snapchat filter
  • Female Dj's on the one's and twos! 
  • Photographers that follow the timeline (could kiss you guys all day!)
  • Grooms that are not matchy-matchy 
  • Sangria Stations

I'm OFF that:

  • A major side-eye to cheese-ball Dj's! ( that talk WAY too much, flirt with the guest, clubbing horn sounds, chops songs when mixing, becomes the entertainment instead of providing the entertainment!) 
  • Anything burlap 
  • Late Night Snacks (I see it go to waist because most guest are full from dinner)
  • Guest that wear white (call me old fashion- but if it's not an all white theme wedding, then only the bride should be sporting the white)
  • Hydrangeas (YAWN!)
  • Guest that take advantage of the open bar (Keep it classy ya'll!)
  • The Bird of Paradise Napkin Fold or the Fan napkin fold need to go back to the 1990's! 


Disclaimer: The views and opinions in this blog TOTALLY express and represent my position as a "Social Judger"

Real Wedding Feature-Bessy and Miguel

Sara Holland

You know how it is when you meet someone for the first time and they exude kindness and goodness? Well, that's what I felt when I met Bessy and Miguel for the first time. Just good people with great intentions! They really wanted to host a fun dance party for their family and friends!  These are my favorite highlights of what happened at their wedding:

  • They donated food baskets to the church so they could pass out to the homeless. (Love this idea!)
  • Bessy walking with her parents down the long church aisle while an 8 piece mariachi band played Ave Maria.  (Breathless!)
  • The way we transformed the reception venue with pipe and drape and simple white decor including a white seamless dance floor. As a result the view of the venue was highlighted. 
  • Bessy changed into a wedding dress that her aunt had handmade.  
  • The couple surprised their guest with an impromptu choreographed performance to get the party started

Their goal was to make sure their guest had and blast and they certainly did! 

Wedding Day Soundtrack: BriAnne and Chris's Wedding

Sara Holland

BriAnne and Chris had the most epic dance party EVER!!! I mean, dance your face off type of night. During the planning process, BriAnne was pretty clear that she wanted as much dance time as she could get. And the results were - INCREDIBLE!

Here is a list of their song selections.

Wedding Party Grand Entrance: "You Make my Dreams come True" by Hall & Oats

Bride and Groom Grand Entrance: "Now that we've found love" by Heavy D and the BoyZ
**wedding party soul train line for Bride and Groom's entrace.**

First Dance: "Love Song" by Adele

Father/Daughter Dance: Custom Mash up of "La vie en rose" by Louis Armstrong mashed up with "You shook me all night" by AC/DC to open the dance floor

(Ooh-ho, hoo-ooh, ooh-oo)
You make my dreams come true
(You-hoo, you, you-hoo, hoo, you, hoo)
— Hall & Oats

The dance floor was hot all night! So glad that we had Kristina Lee Photography to capture the evening. And the jams pumped by Liquid Blue Band kept the guests on the dance floor all night!



Wedding Day Soundtrack: Chelsea and Carlos's wedding

Sara Holland

We see each couple go through lots of thought when selecting the music for their wedding day. As I'm preparing their timeline, I will typically play their song selections to get amped for the wedding day! It's a fun and silly custom I have, but it made me realize that music is the unsung (pun intended) hero of the wedding day.

The wedding day music is the ultimate personal touch. The music sets the tone

I hope to make sharing my clients song selection a regular post on our blog. As the debut Soundtrack post - I'd like to share Chelsea and Carlos's song selections from their May 2016 wedding at the Ebell in Long Beach. Enjoy!

Prelude: Drake "From Time" on Live Piano

Processional Christina Perry "A thousand Years" on Live Piano

Bridal Processional: Lana Del Rey "Young & Beautiful" on Live Piano

First Dance: Sade "Kiss of Life"

Father Daughter Dance: Tim McGraw "My Little Girl"

Mother Son Dance: Van Morrison "Have I told you lately"

Open Dance Floor: Prince "I wanna be your lover"

Cake Cutting: Leon Bridges "Coming home"

AND ... My favorite of their song selections - their GRAND ENTRANCE SONG:

Beyonce & Jaz Z "On the Run II"

click below to feel the vibe of Chelsea and Carlos's wedding day:

Without out you I have nothing to loose
— JayZ and Beyonce
Picture taken by Kristina Lee Photography

Picture taken by Kristina Lee Photography

Best of Wedding Planners

Sara Holland

We are both so incredibly proud to have been nominated for Best Wedding Planner for California Wedding Day Magazine for the last 3 years in a row. Do you know how many talented and amazing wedding planners there are in the Los Angeles area? A gazillion (is that even a number?)! The point is that there are TONS of wedding planners in LA! The fact that we have been nominated in this category is really humbling! Even if we don't win...that's ok. This nomination reminds us what it means to be the best. It encourages us to continue to do what we love. Being the "BEST" is kinda of a pretty big deal. Before we get all big headed and stuff, here is a reminder to ourselves and to our couples as to what that means to us!  

Being the BEST means:

  • Being Compassionate with our couples and their families. We know this day is fueled with lots of emotions. We understand that you want to feel like you are our only client and we want to make sure you know that your wedding is super important to us as well! 
  • Having the patience of a saint
  • Being authentic and realz. (not a typo)
  • Going against the trends. Who wants to see the same ol' design over and over again?
  • Making friends with everybody including valet guys, wait staff, security guards, etc.
  • Having integrity even when nobody is watching
  • Having our priorities in check by continuing to live full-flavored and luxurious life through spell binding books, through thought provoking movies, music that makes you want to cha-cha, amazing friendships, and champagne brunches.
  • and finally by being too legit to quit! 

Thanks to everyone who voted for us! It means more to us than you know.  

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Furbabies at your wedding

Sara Holland

To many of us, our doggies are our babies! They're family! It's only natural that we would want them to be part of the wedding ceremony or at least in the pictures on the most important day of our lives! Not only does it make it extra special to have our fur-babies present but they do make the cutest models! But before your run to buy a tiara or a doggy-bow-tie, I suggest your consider the following:

  1. Find out what the venue's pet policy is. Some locations charge a pet cleaning fee, etc. or are restricted to certain areas. 
  2. Make sure you bring your pooch to rehearsal. You want to get an idea of how much cooperation should be expected.
  3. Assign someone at the ceremony to stand/sit next to your pet. Keep in mind that when your bundle of joy see's you, all sorts of excitement might happen, so that person might have to use the old doggy treat technique and quickly exit the ceremony.
  4. Inform your photographer and videographer. After all, you want to make sure you get some great shots (like the one's below!)
  5. Please pretty please, hire a pet sitter to pick up the Fur-baby after the festivities.
  6. Be prepared that your dog might steal the show. Despite all the cuteness, they might decide to rebel on the day of the wedding. They do have a mind of their own! Noise, lots of people, flashing cameras, might stress them out. If so, don't loose your cool! These situations make for 'ooohs" and "ahhs" and make for funny post-wedding stories! 


Happy Annivesary Courtney and Kyle!  Here are the vendors who made this day possible: Ceremony/Reception: Terranea Resort Photography: Hitched Photo Florist: Ricardo at Irises Design DJ/Lighting/Photobooth: Ralph at Vox Djs Cake: Yuko at Vanilla Bake Shop Officiant: Lianne Minemoto Hair/MUA: Kimberly @ Nicol Artistry Tables: Line 204 Linens: Marcello at Glow Concept Fine Linens

Happy Annivesary Courtney and Kyle! 

Here are the vendors who made this day possible:

Ceremony/Reception: Terranea Resort

Photography: Hitched Photo

Florist: Ricardo at Irises Design

DJ/Lighting/Photobooth: Ralph at Vox Djs

Cake: Yuko at Vanilla Bake Shop

Officiant: Lianne Minemoto

Hair/MUA: Kimberly @ Nicol Artistry

Tables: Line 204

Linens: Marcello at Glow Concept Fine Linens

Blogging Endeavor

Sara Holland

Here we go! We're starting a new blog! Although it takes a lot of time to gather pictures, come up with clever content, and avoiding 1 million interruptions seems impossible, we think it's worth it! Let's get to know each other, shall we? We'll give you an insight on what happens behind the scenes on wedding days, give you some handy-dandy planning tips, and blow your mind with some design inspiration, We'll try to do this at least twice a week! High Five! Wish us luck will ya?!

My favorite picture of all times. Pretty much captures our essence!