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There is no shortage of opinions here! 
It's my job to have an opinion! My favorite question from a couple is "what do you think?" Well I'll tell you what I think (In a gentle and good-nature type of way of course). With trends rapidly changing it's great to stay on top of whats cool and wha't NAT!  

So here goes...


  • Destination Weddings- A dream wedding and a vacation with your closest friends and family? Heck yeah! Let's do it! 
  • One of my groom's hired a Mobile barber shop that came and gave the groomsmen fresh cuts and shaves before the wedding. So fly! 
  • A real dance party! Shout out to the DJ's that make me wanna toss my name badge and walkie-talkie radio and leave it all on the dance floor! So much self-control when the music is so good!
  • Textured Linens- They just look so fancy! 
  • Romantic surprises during the wedding day. I got your back to implement! Even if it's a few minutes alone after the ceremony-let's make it special! 
  • Favors that double as table place card settings
  • Signature Drinks that remember the couple's personalities.
  • Wedding Websites of course! The more info the guest have, the less likely the guest are to ask you a million questions.


  • Digital Invitations- Are we really trying to put the US Postal Service out of commission? It's a great feeling to get a beautiful invitation in the mail.
  • Sand Ceremonies (Yawn). Let's find a new and authentic way of telling your love story during the ceremony. 
  • Guest who purposefully don't make it to the ceremony and only attend the reception. (Major side-eye)
  • Say NO to mason jars for decor! 
  • Slideshows/picture movies during dinner that are longer than 4 minutes. Short and sweet is best! 

Disclaimer: The views and opinions in this blog TOTALLY express and represent my position as a "Social Judger"

Disclaimer: The views and opinions in this blog TOTALLY express and represent my position as a "Social Judger"