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A PSA on First Looks

At Your Door Events

What is a "First Look" in the first place?

It's the opportunity for the couple to take pictures and see each other before the ceremony.  Photographers prefer it, old school mom's, not so much! The tradition is that the couple see each other for the very first time as the bride walks down the aisle.  That, in itself is epic! And believe me, just because you see each other before the ceremony, does not automatically give the butterflies in your tummy an eviction notice! No matter what, the excitement builds as you're waiting to enter the ceremony, hand in hand with your parent. An imaginary fire work display happens in your chest as your eyes finds his.  Having a first look does not take away from this! I feel like it actually adds another degree of romance! 

OH GOSH! First Looks are so darn romantic!  They ooze LOVE!   It's staged as a private moment where the bride normally taps the grooms shoulders, he turns, and is amazed by her beauty. He gets a chance to whisper a few things in her ear, she giggles, they breath deeply, they embrace, and sometimes they cry. After all the embracing they take pictures for a bit and then join the rest of the group. There is very little opportunity for this romantic exchange to happen at the alter during the ceremony.

I notice that after the first look the nerves calm down! There is a glow in the bride's face and a kick in the groom's step. 

This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by wedding planners who still get teary for romantic moments.