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I'm ON that! I'm OFF that! #1

At Your Door Events

We all have our opinion! To be honest, it's our duty to be "social judgers". It's our responsibility to be critical of event trends and stuff! After all, you're hiring us for our taste and style! So in this new blog segment, we are going to try to keep things real! No fakery around here! 

I'm ON that:

  • Mixing Metals in your decor! YEASSS Please! Totally ok to use silver, gold, mercury, crystals, rose gold, etc! Go crazy! 
  • Engagement Tattoos in lieu of rings. That's pretty gangster' if you ask me!
  • Pies in lieu of traditional wedding cakes! (make it as "easy as punkin' pie) 
  • Cocktail Reception before the ceremony begins (Hey, it assures no one will be late when you walk up the aisle)  
  • Hashtags for guest to use. Smart trend I say! 
  • Your own snapchat filter
  • Female Dj's on the one's and twos! 
  • Photographers that follow the timeline (could kiss you guys all day!)
  • Grooms that are not matchy-matchy 
  • Sangria Stations

I'm OFF that:

  • A major side-eye to cheese-ball Dj's! ( that talk WAY too much, flirt with the guest, clubbing horn sounds, chops songs when mixing, becomes the entertainment instead of providing the entertainment!) 
  • Anything burlap 
  • Late Night Snacks (I see it go to waist because most guest are full from dinner)
  • Guest that wear white (call me old fashion- but if it's not an all white theme wedding, then only the bride should be sporting the white)
  • Hydrangeas (YAWN!)
  • Guest that take advantage of the open bar (Keep it classy ya'll!)
  • The Bird of Paradise Napkin Fold or the Fan napkin fold need to go back to the 1990's! 


Disclaimer: The views and opinions in this blog TOTALLY express and represent my position as a "Social Judger"