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Who we are

  • We are the valedictorians of the Event Planners School of Hard Knock!

  • We are the the ninjas that find a way to make it happen!

  • We are the ones that will duct tape it, staple it, clothes pin it, hot glue it, and sprinkle some magic to make it work!  

  • We are the ring leaders to the glorious circus of easily distracted wedding parties!

  • We are the reassuring voice on the other end of the phone that says “I got you Boo”


Our Story began…

When two best friends, Jenny and Sara, over champagne and mess’ talkin’, decided to pursue their dreams of becoming Event Planners. The plan that was casually written on a napkin became a 10 year journey of laughter, award winning events, and amazing collaborations! Although Sara is now pursuing other ventures, it is those founding principles that continue to define the joy and passion we have for events!

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Jenny Goodman

Owner and Principa Event Planner

issa’ vibe

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Our Values

Honor Your Client's Vision. Be Honest. All day, err day. Attitude of gratitude. Winner not a Whiner. Husle and be humble. Mi casa tu casa!


The Team

Just a bunch of baddies that have been trained to bring our clients visions to life. The entire team has gone through the “Slay the Day” training and value the guest experience!